Canal Street Post-It War

We all know that work can be a monotonous grind that sucks the life out of you even as you feel your inner-passion cool and solidify into an unremarkable grey blob that fills you with existential hopelessness every time you look in the mirror. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad but work can feel very oppressive. Often times companies will go to great lengths to make work “fun” or “enjoyable” by introducing costume days, pizza parties, or even sales competitions.

We see right through that last one.

However, most of the fun to be had at work is often in spite of, not because of, management. As living, breathing, thinking, feeling human beings we need an outlet for expression. A chance to control our space and break the illusion that we can turn ourselves off and become a cog in the unending machine of productivity. Two buildings on Canal Street in New York found a way to express themselves and celebrate individuality, all without a focus tested company policy to dictate industrial efficacy (or whatever).

The key was in finding things laying around that could be repurposed.

That’s right post-it notes. They’ve long been the go-to for harmless office pranks but now they are acting as a medium for a massive impromptu art gallery.

This man was extremely motivated.

Supposedly it all began when one building posted a small and simple message with the word “HI” in white post-its. As you can see it quickly grew into something unexpected and wonderful.

These art creations prove two things: 1) Office workers are amazing artists and 2) they are total nerds.
Can you name all the characters in this image?
Nyan Cat is watching you work.
An image of the Superman Logo created with Post-it notes is seen in windows at 200 Hudson street in lower Manhattan, New York during "Post-it note art war"
Look up in the sky…
A message created with Post-it notes are seen in windows of 200 Hudson street in lower Manhattan, New York
You don’t have to be a great artist to get in on the fun. Sometimes wit is all that’s needed.
Uh-oh. I hope that building isn’t made of blocks.
Homer vs Godzilla? I’d watch that.

Unfortunately it looks like these art-pieces are a violation of building regulations and will have to be taken down. As with all work fun, it was as fleeting as it was unexpected. For more check out the video below.


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