Artificial Poet

Well Google has done it again. Their latest foray into the experimental field of Artificial Intelligence has turned out some strange and unpredictable results. One of the big issues Google faces in the implementation of AI interaction is that even though their AI’s can communicate with users well enough, their speech tends to be simple, fastidiously grammatically correct, and…well…robotic. This is fine for most transactions but it makes it impossible to see the AI as anything more than a smart answering machine. So they came up with a plan.

Google programmers force fed their experiment more than 2865 romance novels. That’s right, the AI is using the likes of Twilight to learn how to sound more human. Now the AI fancies itself a poet and has produced some interesting work. Check it out! (These poems have been copied from the unpublished research paper, Generating Sentences from a Continuous Space.)

Don't like it
I'm fine
no one else
All art is subjective and these poems are definitely unique. It seems the AI is a bit fascinated with human relationships (no surprise considering it’s reading regiment). Only time will tell if this education can somehow translate to more interactive and lifelike conversational skills.



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