Enable Talk

For years ASL (American Sign Language) has given a voice to voiceless. Originally started in the American School for the Deaf in 1817, this communication tool quickly grew in complexity and variety to accommodate the needs of a diverse community. Despite its acceptance from the deaf community, ASL has had to struggle for legitimacy within deeply entrenched governmental and scholastic American institutions. Although ASL has opened the doors to accurate and precise non-verbal communication, the language is far too complex to understand without a great deal of study (and this despite the users often being fluent in English.) This has created a barrier between the ASL community and the rest of the world…until now.

Enter Enable Talk. Introduced at the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition in 2012, this stunning invention won first place. But what is Enable Talk. Simply put…this:

Still confused?

These unassuming cyberpunk chic gloves are actually movement to speech translators. Essentially, the gloves read the hand movements of an ASL user and translate them into a verbal medium. Since most deaf and mute individuals can already understand speech, this process effectively breaks down the communication barrier they deal with on a daily basis by allowing them to participate in verbal conversations.

The science can get a little complex.

This revolutionary invention has the potential to change how the deaf community interacts outside of the ASL literate. Check out the video below for more information.



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