Ashville Viking Festival

Ever get nostalgic for the days of yore? Ever wish you could just kickback, throw some axes, and drink homemade root beer while watching a juggler catch a knife behind his back? Ever want to just eat chicken right off the bone while listening to medieval folk music? Of course you have, everyone has. Well, you’ll get your chance at this years Ashville Viking Festival.

Starting April 30th and going to May 1st, this weird and endearing event has no ticket charge but does encourage canned food donations. The festival hosts many talented and passionate performers for your viewing pleasure. Events this year include:

Stewart Siskonovich

A man of unparalleled dexterity and coordination.

The Daring Douglasses

A fire-eating and pirate themed stunt performance for all ages.

Odin’s Orchids

Straight from Laylia’s Dance Studio.

Bob Ford and the Ragamuffins

Playing Viking themed Irish music as you’ve never heard it before.

The Hard Tackers

Undisputed masters of the sea shanty.

And these are just some of the amazing events planned. The festival also has a fairly extensive vender area, a dining hall, and even an author’s corner where you can get your copy of Joshua Jarael Maldonado’s Spells of the Elves signed!

Come for the Vikings, stay for the jousting.

All in all this year’s events are shaping up to be the best ever. For more information on the Ashland Viking festival click the link here.


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