Homesick Sheepdog

How far would you be willing to go to reunite with your family? I don’t know about people but for some dogs it seems there’s no limit. We all know dogs are loyal and have a near endless capacity for love. One of my more recent articles speaks to how they never let go of affection for their family despite long separation. Pero is no exception. As an active sheepdog he was sent far away from home to work on a farm earlier this month. He decided he couldn’t bear to be away from his loved ones and disappeared from the farm in Cockermouth England only to reappear back at this home in Penrhyncoch Wales less than two weeks later. This impressivee trek was at least (without detours) 240 miles overland. He just appeared one Wednesday evening out of the blue and excitedly jumped into his owner’s arms. Aside from a mild limp he seems to be doing just fine. Pero certainly wasn’t starving or suffering from serious injury so he must know how to take care of himself.

Even if you love your job no one wants to be forcibly relocated.



All from memory and instinct.

Not only is this such an impressive distance to walk but also keep in mind that, as a dog, Pero can’t read maps or ask for directions. Somehow he figured out where to go all on his own. No one is quite sure what path he took but at this point I’d trust his sense of direction over my GPS any day of the week.

Check out this short interview for more.



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