Lake Hillier

At the edge of Middle Island off the coast of Western Australia lies one of the strangest natural wonders in the world. Lake Hillier is a member of a very exclusive club of lakes and is sure to make an impression. You see, this lake has an incredibly high salt concentration that makes life here all but impossible. Very few organisms can survive under these conditions and (as you may imagine) they’re quite the extremophiles. Dunaliella salina is a microalgae with the impressive ability to survive in saltwater with very high concentrations of salt. Through various and poorly understood chemical processes this algae intermingles with the salt and produces a pink dye. Some halophilic bacteria can survive in the salt crusts and they too produce a reddish hue. Scientists are unsure what exactly leads to Hillier’s coloration but whatever the cause, Hillier lake ends up looking like a pool of Pepto-Bismol when viewed from above.

I too enjoy long walks on the beach.


Despite it’s appearance Lake Hillier won’t help your upset stomach.


Pink sky above, pink water below. This is the life.


Here we see a group of scientists hard at work studying this phenomenon.


Just kidding. Here’s what that really looks like.

If you’re interested in learning more about this awesome natural wonder check out the video below.



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