A Hero’s Welcome

A stint of military service can be long and difficult for a soldier’s family and loved ones. Often it’s no cakewalk for the solider either. Leaving behind the life you’ve built and the people who mean the most to you only to face months of danger and boredom seems like a raw deal for anyone. Those left behind can only wait and hope for the best. It’s especially hard for our 4-legged friends.

Dogs are loyal to a fault. Spend five minutes on YouTube and you’ll find dogs saving their masters from bears, chasing off mountain lions, protecting kids from abusive babysitters, and saving strangers from sinkholes, floods, mudslides, and just about every other natural or man-made disaster you can imagine. As social animals they form strong bonds with their family and are none to happy to be left behind, even if it’s ultimately for their benefit. That’s partly why their reunions are so touching. When a dog sees a part of his family again after what seems to them like an eternity, their reaction is genuine. The emotion of joy is so real it’s infectious. Even our county’s soldiers, the roughest and toughest men and women of our society, can’t help but face that moment openly without a hint of bravado or stoicism. It’s clear this isn’t just the joy of seeing an old friend or family pet, this is a reunion of soulmates separated.

So excited!


Wow…that dog is huge!


Army Spec. Gwen Beberg returns from Iraq to discover Ratchet hasn’t forgotten about her.

Okay, these pictures are heartwarming, but not as much as these videos:


Dogs are man’s best friend. They love us even when we don’t love ourselves. We’re blessed to have such wonderful companions.


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