Island of Broken Dolls

When it comes to premium grade nightmare fuel you need look no further than La Isla de las Munecas in Mexico. The winding trails here hold a secret and are watched by over a thousand glass-eyed guardians. Over 50 years ago, Don Julian Santana left his wife and kids to live on the island. Legend has it that he saw a little girl thrashing out in the canal. Despite his best efforts Santana was unable to reach her in time and she drowned. He was so overcome with guilt and sadness that when he found the little girl’s doll washed up on the shore he hung it on a nearby tree as an offering to her soul. From that day forward he decorated the island with dolls as a memorial to her. At first he was satisfied with fishing dolls out the canal but overtime he felt compelled to trade away his belongings and buy dolls to decorate the island.

In 2001 Santana’s body was discovered along the shore near where he claimed the girl had drowned. To this day some believe Santana made the whole story up. Others believe the island is haunted. Visitors to the island have claimed to see dolls move their heads and hear the voice of a little girl crying out or telling them to leave. Other’s swear to have heard the dolls whispering to one another; their unblinking eyes always watching.

If the sight of hundreds of dolls hanging from trees and fences wasn’t creepy enough, many of the dolls are in terrible condition. As they have been left exposed to the elements for years on end many of them have become home to spiders and other creepy-crawlers. This might account for some small movements but it doesn’t explain the pained whispers visitors so often report.

If this thing tells you to leave, I advise you listen.


The island accepts dolls of all shapes and sizes.


Nothing bad could possibly happen here in the dead of night.


It’s like a cross between Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Chucky would feel right at home.


Reminds me of a certain Nirvana album cover.


Taking one of the dolls off the island is said to bring a terrible curse.


Sleep tight!


For an even spookier telling of the story check out this video:

The island has become a bit of a tourist attraction over the years. You can go visit it if you want…just don’t ask me to come along.


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