K9 Nicky Laid To Rest

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no common mold that makes them because by definition they are all fundamentally exceptional. Some are brilliant scientists whose hours in the lab add years to other’s lives. Some are charismatic role models who reach into our lives and lift us up to heights unimagined. Some of them work everyday to keep us safe by choosing to put themselves in harms way. To these last goes a willingness to protect man from his own worst enemy, himself. Nicky was one such hero.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Nicky (or rather K9 Nicky as he’s earned the right to be called) was a well loved and hard working police dog  (8-year-old Belgian Malinois) that assisted in over 99 incidences throughout his illustrious career. K9 Nicky’s professionalism and work ethic even carried him through a terrible incident where he was attacked by a machete and hospitalized.

Here he is after life-saving emergency surgery.

On March 31st he responded to a shooting in North West Los Vegas and was fatally injured in the line of duty. Two civilians, Brandon Hughes and Felecia Wimberly-Hughes, were also fatally shot when they attempted to intervene and end the shooting peacefully.

A fitting memorial service for an extraordinary police dog.


A beautiful funeral was held for K9 Nicky at Craig Road Pet Cemetery on April 6th that included the heartwarming final goodbyes from his coworkers. Nicky’s handler, Sgt. Eric Kerns, tearfully recounted his memories of K9 Nicky: “I’m grateful for those memories. My family is grateful for the courage of that dog,” Kerns said. K9 Nicky is credited with saving Kern’s life, and the lives of other officers and civilians, on multiple occasions throughout his career. K9 Nicky was laid to rest alongside 92 other K9’s from regional, state, and federal agencies.

Part of the Memorial Service was recorded and can be viewed here:


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