New Zealand Cat Burglar

Some crimes are just too bizarre to be believed. Recently a pet owner in New Zealand has come forth with a rather odd confession. It seems her 6 year old Tonkinese cat Brigit has an obsession with stealing and hoarding men’s underwear and socks. The pet’s owner, Sarah Nathan, only recently discovered Brigit’s curious kleptomania while packing up for a move. Now Nathan is doing everything in her power to return the undergarments including posting on Facebook and Reddit and placing fliers in her neighbors’ mail boxes. I suppose it beats finding dead mice and birds all over the house.

Here she is with her latest spoils.

“Now it’s getting silly. Someone must be missing this stuff,” Nathan wrote in a Facebook post a few days ago. It’s unclear just how much all of the stolen garments are worth but I’m sure Brigit has pasted the $100 mark by now.

I have no idea how I’d react to fining this in my mailbox.

It looks like the notes were a success as at least one party has already come forward to claim some of the stolen underwear. Apparently the owners (a “bunch of lads flatting together around the block”) actually saw Brigit pull the undergarments off their clothesline by using her whole bodyweight to lever their unmentionables out of the clothespins.

She’s got good taste at least.

No one ever said animals couldn’t be as quirky and strange as people. I have to wonder though, just what drove Brigit to this life of crime? I guess sometimes the thug life chooses you.


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