Stray Dog Island

Remember when you were young and believed the world could be filled with all sorts of amazing things that were just out of reach? Remember when you KNEW that when you got older you’d eat ice-cream for dinner, live in a cool house you remodeled into a castle, and take your awesome motorcycle to your ghost hunting job everyday? No? Maybe those examples were a little too specific but I think at one point we all expected the world to be more fun and interesting then it turned out to be. It might seem like you have to abandon all your childhood fantasies but I assure you, you don’t. There’s an island pulled straight from the dreams of every young child (and the rare adult) who hasn’t lost that undefinable spark of true child-like wonder. It’s a world apart from the¬†everyday experiences of your life. It’s an island of dreams; an island of dogs.

Territorio de Zaguates doesn’t look like much on a map but¬†it’s actually an animal shelter. One without walls or cages. Over 1,000 dogs run free here and play to their heart’s content. The best part is you can visit them. Constant interaction with people has made them pretty tame and loving, and you can even adopt one who has stolen your heart. Also, feel free to bring your own well behaved dogs for an unforgettable (and totally free) day of adventure they’ll never forget.

One downside though; the island is in Costa Rica so it might be a bit of a trip getting there.

dog 2.jpg
Just your typical puppy herd, nothing to see here.

Check out this video from visiting tourists. I can’t wait to visit.



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