Spring Polar Bear

A few days ago I brought you news about the adorable cheetah kittens that so recently joined us here on planet Earth. Well, they were certainly not the only new arrivals. Columbus Zoo is celebrating International Polar Bear Day with a wonderful tribute to their own Polar Bear cub Nora. Nora is only four months old but already she’s a playful little thing. Her chances of survival were put at about 50% and in fact she’s the only surviving cub of her litter. Polar Bears are an endangered species and recent estimates put their total population at only 22,000 to 31,000.

The Columbus Zookeepers have been fairly attentive guardians and have diligently recordedĀ a lot of fun home videos showing off Nora’s growth. For example, Nora’s name reveal (which is a combination of her parent’s names Nanuq, and Aurora) can be seen here:

The zoo has also excitedly released a compilation video of Nora’s first 83 days in celebration of International Polar Bear Day.

She sure is cute but she isn’t the only polar bear out there. For more information about how you can contribute to the rescue of their species check out Polar Bears International to learn more.


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