Alien Artwork

When examining a society’s place in history it’s important to list its artistic achievements and contributions alongside scientific progress and political experimentation. Art is one of the more advanced forms of human expression and it’s almost impossible not to develop an intimate relationship with works that speak to you. What is striking about the “great masters” of art history is the time and effort put into developing signature styles and working out every possible detail to perfection. Surely art that used seemingly random factors couldn’t compete. Or so you’d think.

Secret Habitat is a walking simulator game where the player explores floating islands filled with art galleries. That may not sound too interesting at first but these galleries have a unique twist. Every picture presented to the player is a procedurally generated image. That is to say, every piece of art in the game was created by the program in a moment of algorithmic exploration and has never existed before. Not only that but the layout of the gallery, the ambient music, the names of the pieces, and the “styles” of each artist are created anew and unique every time you start the game.

Art is certainly subjective but at its roots there’s beautiful mathematical expressions and recognizable patterns. If you let yourself be open to new experiences you may be surprised by how much these pieces can affect you. Here are some examples of art produced by the game.

This one always reminds me of fingerprints.
The name says it all.
I see a maze of circuit boards.
This is such a weird and unique use of color and shape.
If I had to describe this one I’d go with: fractal amethyst .

Wow. Each one is so stylistically different and interesting. If you want to explore your own islands of art you can try the game yourself for free by clicking here.

There’s been a lot said about this game by people who are intensely interested in exploring its themes and meaning. Check out RockLeeSmile’s video he did as part of his Indie Impressions series.


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