Wrong Number

It happens everyday. All over the world the lines of communication sometimes get a little mixed up. Someone enters the wrong number, clicks the wrong button, or (if they are the most unlucky sort) spams a private message with “reply all”. Usually nothing comes of it. Rarely do these mistakes result in anything more than confusion and embarrassment. But for those brave few who are willing to take a chance, sometimes something special can result.

Deorick Williams was caught by surprise when an unknown couple texted him the exciting news about the newest addition to their family. He responded as pretty much anyone would by congratulating the couple and informing them that hey had contacted the wrong number.


Despite the banal occurrence of miscommunication what happened next was anything but ordinary.

That’s right, young Deorick and his brother got caught up in the excitement and wanted to be a part of this life-changing moment. The couple responded in good faith:

And that’s just what they did.

It’s always a powerful experience when we’re reminded of our interconnectedness. The technology that binds us all together is too often accused of isolating us but really, the isolation is often self-inflicted. Nothing is stopping us from reaching out and sharing our human experiences with others. We might just be suprsied how they respond.


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