Regina Spektor’s Special Fans

When the great musicians of this decade are discussed by our decedents Regina Spektor will likely be little more than a footnote. Although her work is broad in scope and message it’s never really been able to break into the mainstream consciousness. It really is a shame too because her music is so experimental, emotional, and layered that it really should be part of any connoisseur’s library. She’s the kind of artist that hypnotizes you with unfamiliar rhythms and unconventional, but heartbreakingly beautiful, lyrics. Unsurprisingly she has a small but fiercely loyal fan-base that worships the ground she walks on. I’m pretty found of her myself.

Speaking of fans, they can be pretty unpredictable. Add that to the chaos of a live performance, where anything can happen, and you come away with some rather unique experiences. For example, watch what happens when Regina forgets her lyrics:

Not only do her fans not boo or yell at her, her mistake leads to a cute bonding moment that demonstrates how positive her fan-base can be. But what happens when a fan does something that’s not so nice? During one of her performances a fan actually hits her. Let’s see how she reacts.

That’s the very definition of grace under fire.

In a world of strong personalities where artists find themselves embroiled in controversy and terrible Twitter feuds isn’t it refreshing to see a performer who focuses on what’s really important? Now if only I could get people to listen to her music.


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