The Adorable Solipsism of Minus

Every once in a while you come across some obscure work of fiction that you reluctantly fall in love with. Inevitably you’ll try to share this experience with others but few people are willing to commit to the time and energy required to consume a large piece of media, especially when there are so many other more mainstream shows and books that people are expected to keep up with. So you just continue to sing its praises alone while everyone else just “takes your word for it”.

For me that has always been the webcomic Minus. It’s a simple story about a little girl with godlike powers. Expect, maybe it’s more accurate to say that the world bends to her even when she doesn’t really understand what she’s doing. These powers are treated more like lucid dreaming than tradition magic or superpowers. For such a simple idea that comic manages to be fun, exciting, sad, and overall surprisingly deep. Style-wise the comic resembles old newspaper comics and has a light and vibrate feel that still remains somehow playful. Here are a few examples to get you hooked:

Minus wants to show her friend a real star but after seeing the results she rewinds time.
Here we see Minus responding to a crisis in typical fashion; by turning it into a game.

Minus ran from 2006 to 2008 and was created by Ryan Armand. Unfortunately most of theĀ comic has been taking down but you can still read some of itĀ here.



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