ARK Music Factory

Composing music can be difficult. The average person likely has no idea of all that goes into the process. Add a full-length professional music video and recording session and things can quickly become too much for any one person to manage. It’s therefore understandable why it can be so hard, not to mention expensive, for newcomers to break into the scene. That’s where ARK Music Factory comes in. Think you’ve never heard of them before? You might be surprised. For the low price of $2,000 to $4,000 they’ll write you a song, choreography, and even provide props, recording equipment, and custom sets. You get a master recording but they keep the rights to the song. Just check out their most famous production.

That’s right, ARK wrote and produced Rebecca Black’s popular 2011 song Friday. Despite almost universally negative reviews Friday has (at the moment I’m writing this) 91,114,273 views on Black’s YouTube channel alone. The song even got big enough that it was covered by Glee. There’s been a lot of controversy concerning the money generated from sales of the song and to date the Black family reports they haven’t received any royalties.

But that’s not ARK’s only success. In 2013 Chinese Food hit the scene. Sung by Alison Gold, this curious pop hit made it to position 29 on the US Billboard Hot 100. This video also attracted controversy but this time mainly due to its use of Asian stereotypes.

Keen eyed observes may have noticed that both videos feature the same guest artist. That’s Patrice Wilson, co-founder of ARK Music Factory. He’s a Nigerian immigrant who toured Europe as a rapper under the name of Pato. As you can imagine the fame of these videos has brought a lot of internet hate down on him. Here’s how he responded:

“I’m getting a lot of criticism saying I’m exploiting rich kids and their parents,” said Wilson, “but find me another company that would do all this at a cost this low. I don’t promise anyone fame. In fact, if someone approaches me with their only goal to ‘get famous,’ I tell them they’re not in this for the right reasons.”

What do you think? Was this money well spent? Do you want to record a song with ARK Music Factory?


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