The Worst Idea Of All Time

Odds are you haven’t heard of Guy Montgomery or Tim Batt. These two up and coming New Zealand comedians aren’t yet well known, household staples of comedy. Until recently their careers consisted mostly of doing standup and hosting pub quizzes. Odds are they would have continued on this “traditional” comedian trajectory but for a very special idea. The worst idea of all time.

The plan was deceptively simple; get together every week for a year, watch a movie, then review it together in an unscripted podcast. The twist? Guy and Tim would be watching the SAME movie every week for 52 weeks. Surely then they would want to pick a film with cultural significance and layers of ambiguous meaning, I hear you ask aloud into your monitor or phone. Surely they would pick something like Gone With The Wind, Citizen Kane, or even something less traditional but equally complex like The Shining. Maybe that’s what you would do but Guy and Tim picked a very different kind of film, they picked Grown Ups 2, an Adam Sandler cash grab with a million celebrity cameos, no plot, and a sense of humor you might expect from your average 5th grader. What follows is a slow, spiraling descent into madness as every week the two uncover more and more obscure trivia, continuity errors, and brainstorm theories about the movie that devolve into more and more nonsensical fanfiction.

If you ever wanted to test whether a bad movie could drive people insane, here’s you chance. Oh, and did I mention they did a follow up season where they watched Sex And The City 2? It’s every bit as funny/sad as you’d expect.

You can listen to the podcast here at If you like what you see…err…hear then you can support their otherwise free experiment here on their website


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